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Fundraising Opportunities at Wings Event Center

Earn $500 in one event night!

At Wings Event Center, we strive to create memorable experiences for our guests. Your group can make the difference in taking someone’s night from just “fun” to a night they’ll never forget AND you can raise funds for your local non-profit, networking group, or sports organization!

New this season!

$500 donations to non-profit groups working in Concession Stands 1 and or 4 for ANY event, regardless of guest attendance.

What will you be doing?

While working on site, some of the duties you will perform may include the following (dependent on event and stand location):

• Guest interaction
• Turning on equipment
• Using a deep fryer and heat lamps
• Bunning and wrapping hot dogs, sandwiches, and popping popcorn
• Running a cash register
• Cleaning equipment
•Sweeping and mopping work area
• Dish washing
• Reconciling inventory
• Giving out high fives and smile

We expect you to work with consideration, cooperation, and a positive attitude ensuring an enjoyable experience for both you and the customer. On average, volunteers work a four shift. The minimum age for volunteers is 16. Each stand requires a range of 2-11 volunteers.

How do you raise money?

Volunteer groups earn funds for their non-profit based on a variety of factors - group sizes, event being worked, sales, etcetera and will be explained in further detail by our Fundraising/Volunteer Coordinator, Hailey. Groups may also put out tip jars in front of their stand registers if they so choose. Wings Event Center will not be responsible for these gratuities.

How do you get started?

This fundraising program is only available to legally registered non profit groups.

To learn more, fill out the Fundraising Opportunities Form and our Volunteer Coordinator will connect with you as soon as possible.
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