Adult League Hockey

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Adult League Hockey

Wings West offers adult hockey leagues throughout the entire year. Our Fall/Winter leagues generally have 50-55 teams and our Spring/Summer leagues usually have around 45-50 teams.
Our philosophy will incorporate playing for the enjoyment of the game, with the focus being on participation and recreation. all games will be sanctioned and played under USA Hockey rules and regulations.
It is our aim to provide players with a safe and enjoyable environment to just play and enjoy the game. The code of Fair Play and Sportsmanship will be closely monitored without exception. We offer the following levels of play- advanced, intermediate, beginner and women's. We encourage participants to choose their level based on their own skill and needs.
Administration of our adult hockey leagues will be under the watchful eyes of Karl Meinema. Karl will closely monitor games and players to ensure that players are playing in the right leagues.
For more information, questions or concerns, contact Karl Meinema at

2018 Summer Adult Hockey League Registration

2018 Summer Adult Hockey League is now open for registration. The registration deadline and incentives apply to the following:

Option 1: Pay FULL amount ($2,600) for 2017 Summer league by April 16, 2018 with full team registration; and receive a $200 GHG Gift Gard and 1-free hour of ice time.

Option 2: Pay FULL amount ($2,600) for 2017 Summerleague by April 20, 2018.

Option 3: Pay FULL amount of ($2,750) for 2017 Summer league by May 1, 2018.

(Season consists of 14-regular season games)

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